• 5:01

A Roaring Twenties Musical

      The musical is about the performers in a vaudeville theatre in 1925. The theatre's existence is being threatened by the local gangster, Mugs Mavery. But the performers and crew rally their forces and save the day, all the while doing three shows a night and a matinee.
     Interspersed with authentic Vaudeville tunes from the 1920's ("Ballin' the Jack", "Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage", "Hello, My Baby") are original songs written in a style to blend the story line with the 'on stage' performances. Will the clumsy magician marry the pretty singer ("He's My Guy")? Will someone discover that the Countess of Kiev is actually Maggie Schlotsky from Brooklyn ("That's the Theatre")? And through it all, will the show go on ("We're On!")? Your audience will laugh their way through the answers to these questions and in the process learn a lot about the era of hoofers, crooners, flappers, and mobsters. There is one simple set: a "backstage" of a theatre.

TIME: (2acts) Appx 75 min. in total

CAST: Flexible cast of appx. 11m, 11f, 2m/f plus small, optional, or chorus roles

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