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  • 4:35

     This musical uses the enormous variety and popularity of rock music to propel its themes of friendship, stereotyping, and the universal desire to see our dreams come to life. It’s a story about four kids, one of whom is Harold, the school "nerd". Harold meets a wacky inventor who has created a machine that he claims will make dreams come true. In the process of trying to help the other three kids achieve their dreams, Harold fulfills his dream- to have friends.
      The music includes everything from Latin ("Under the Blue and the Gold"), rap ("It’s a Tough World Out There"), dance music ("Who’s Cool!"), R&B ("Possibilities"), to soft rock ("If My Voice Had Wings", "Friends"). In one of the most poignant moments of the show, one of the kids sings of her dream that her divorcing parents will re-unite ("Why Does Love Die?"). The talent show, which another of the girls dreams of winning, is an opportunity for your burgeoning comedians, dancers, or other more offbeat talents to shine.
       There are three sets: a school gym, a park, and a small split stage set: a kitchen and a living room. Suggestive rather than representational sets are an option. The cast is very flexible, using several choruses or an ensemble that performs in various choruses.

TIME: (2 acts) Appx. 95 min. in total

CAST: Flexible cast of appx. 15m, 15f, 2m/f

plus small, optional, and chorus roles. Doubling possible