This lighthearted comedy is about the Two Diamonds Dude Ranch, located in a small town in Arizona's desert west, home to local "kickers" (cowboys) and vacation spot for wealthy "city slickers". When the two groups meet, they challenge one another in song- "Kickers and Slickers". And at a 'friendly' bonfire, sparks flare, literally, between the two camps ("Fire"). One family from New York City who have come to visit the ranch, love it so much they want to give up their deli in NYC ("It's a Living") and move permanently to Arizona. Meanwhile, Suzy, the owner of the dude ranch, dreams of opening a French Café in New York City ("A Small Café"). The two families decide to more or less trade places, much to the chagrin of the bratty snobbish daughter, who does her best to sabotage her parents desire to buy the dude ranch and leave New York forever. The songs range from the comedic western "Love is Like Lettuce" (sung by the love-struck Sheriff and his friends) to a classic Broadway ballad about what it feels like to be home "In Arizona". Loveable characters populate this fast paced romp through the west. One simple set, a ranch house or front porch plus the ranch yard, is the backdrop for this two act comedy. Audiences of all ages will want to ditch their day job and learn to ride a horse!

TIME: (2 acts) Appx. 75 min. in total

CAST: Flexible cast appx. 9m, 12f, 11m/f plus optional chorus

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  • 8:11