All twenty Spotlight Musicals are the same price. For $150, you receive electronically a Master Script, a booklet type script, vocal scores, MP3s of the orchestrated accompaniment, plus MP3s of the vocals to help your cast learn the songs. There is an additional Royalty Fee of $60 per performance.

                                   FLEXIBLE CASTING
     Flexible casting means that every musical in this catalogue can be used by groups with a wide variety of total number of actors. For smaller groups, actors can play more than one role if needed, or two roles can be combined into one, if practical. For very large groups, the choruses can be expanded to include all of those who wish to participate. All of the musicals have flexible casting suggestions included in the perusal script. The minimum cast for most of the shows is 20 to 25 actors. There is no maximum, since chorus size is not specified. Many roles can be played by either male or female actors, and directors should feel free to adjust the gender of the roles as needed by your group.


     All the musicals in this catalogue are in two Acts, each Act being 35-50 minutes in length. The total length of the musical will vary in performance, but will average 75 to 90 minutes.

                                                         WIDE AGE RANGE APPEAL
      The musicals in this catalogue could be performed by actors of any age. The choruses and some speaking roles may utilize even very young actors. Audience appeal is designed for all age groups from preschool to adult. The kids may enjoy the dancing, the physical comedy, and the lighthearted moments. Adults will like the moving and meaningful song lyrics and the more dramatic moments.

                                                         PRODUCTION/REHEARSAL MP3s
     A fully orchestrated instrumental MP3 comes with every musical in the catalogue. You may use this instead of a live orchestra in your performance and also for your rehearsals. Also included is a vocal rendition of each song that your singers may use to help them learn the songs. There are also vocal scores which include the sheet music for the melodies along with instrumental chords. Some musicals include piano arrangements with the vocal score.

                                     REALISTIC KEYS FOR AMATEURS AND YOUNG PEOPLE
    One recurring problem with musicals is that the music (whether in sheet music form or in a production MP3) are often in a key that is too high or too low for your singers. The musicals in this catalogue are written in keys singable by most females regardless of age, boys whose voices have not changed, and adult males (one octave lower). But for some soloists, the key of their song may need to be raised or lowered. Included with the instrumental production MP3s are extra tracks of certain solo songs in alternate keys. If these alternate keys are still not right for your soloist, for a small fee per song, we will transpose a song to any key you require for your production and send you an instrumental MP3 and a vocal score in that new key.

                                                           PRODUCTION ADVICE
      Each script contains production advice, set options, prop list, and costuming suggestions.  You may also
contact us and an experienced theatre production representative will assist you with any questions or problems you may have. A video of each show can be seen on the page for that show. The video will include audience sounds and the flaws inherent in a live production. Watching the video can help a director decide if the show could be adapted to their talent pool. It may also generate ideas for scenery, costumes, choreography, staging, etc.

                                                   VIDEOTAPING POLICY
       If you would like to videotape your own production, all that is required is that you send a copy of your video to Spotlight Musicals when it is completed. We reserve the right to show your video to other theatre organizations so that they can get ideas for their own production. Please send your video to Spotlight Musicals, 97 Massapoag Ave., North Easton, MA, or to

                               ABOUT THE AUTHOR
    The musicals in this catalogue, both script and music, were written by Mary Gray. Ms. Gray is the winner of numerous awards both for her original musicals and also for her directing. She has been the creative force behind Easton Children's Theatre, which has been performing Ms. Gray's works since 1994. Prior to her involvement with theatre writing and directing, she was a professional singer/songwriter, performing in colleges and concert halls throughout the Northeast. Ms. Gray is also the author of two novels and various published short stories and poems.